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Hong Road, The Use Of The Equipment Point Of View

Xiamen Jin Zuoyou Buddha Co.Ltd | Updated: Sep 27, 2016

1, incense burner. Is the most common incense appliances, the shape of a wide range, such as Boshan-shaped, fire-shaped, Jinshan Temple-shaped, Octopus foot-shaped, tripod-shaped, three-foot-shaped and so on. Materials are mostly ceramic, stone or copper and other metals. Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties popular copper incense burner, copper furnace fear heat, and modeling varied. Other materials incense burner, and more in the bottom of the quartz and other insulating sand, so as not to overheat the furnace wall and burst.

2, hand furnace. Is to be held in his hand or carry the band (with a beam) of the small smoked furnace, similar to the stove. Shaped, hexagonal, petal-shaped, etc .; surface hollow, carved into a lattice, auspicious patterns, landscapes, and other characters patterns; material for brass or copper-nickel alloy.

3, Hong bucket. Also known as long-handled hand furnace, is a long handle with a small incense burner, used for Buddha. The head is often carved lotus or auspicious beast. Xiangdou in the Tang Dynasty has been very popular. Xiangdou burned mostly granular or pills-like fragrant goods.