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Aromatic Production Method

Xiamen Jin Zuoyou Buddha Co.Ltd | Updated: Sep 27, 2016

Dandelion, musk, black incense, white brain incense, Angelica, independent living, nasturtium, three Nai, huoxu, tincture, Fragrant, ligustilide, galangal, fennel, woody, mother clove, Asarum, rhubarb, frankincense, Gannan incense, water rest, rose petals, borneol, dragon saliva.

The earliest use of human value can be traced back to the Qu Yuan, "Nine Songs Shangui" in the records: by Shilan Xi with Du Heng, folding Fang Xin Xi Si Si.

Gan rosin

Slightly conical, more curved, long 5 ~ 18cm. Roots short, the top of the stems, leaves residues, was thin and long membrane or fibrous sheet. The outer layer is dark brown, the inner layer is brown or yellow. Root single or several junctions, branches or juxtaposed, diameter 0.3 ~ 1cm. Surface tan, shrinkage, with fine roots and fibrous roots. Quality crunchy, easy to break, rough cross-section, dark brown skin, often into lobes, wood yellow-white. Gas-specific, bitter and Xin, a cool feeling.