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Aromatherapy In India

Xiamen Jin Zuoyou Buddha Co.Ltd | Updated: Sep 27, 2016

Indian incense, in Hindi and other Indian languages called agarbattī, India has a rich tradition of making incense, this tradition can be traced back to 5 thousand years ago. Many Indian incense has a unique flavor, but in the rest of the world can not find the same flavor.

The system of unified incense production first began in India, although Vedic Sanskrit texts documented the efficacy of incense - deodorant, producing pleasant aromas. Modern production of fragrant system is likely to be developed by the then medical pastor. India's Flute incense, Mysore Sandal incense, RAJ incense is one of the oldest Indian incense.

In the religious literature "Vedas", there are records of Indian incense, which is the most ancient Indian incense information. In the "A 闼 陀 Veda" and "Rig Veda" is also documented in detail the Indian incense. Incense is a pleasant fragrance and has a certain medicinal properties. In the "Ayurveda" in the first paragraph describes the medicinal efficacy of Indian incense. As a result, most of the fragrance was made by monks.