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Aromatherapy Effect

Xiamen Jin Zuoyou Buddha Co.Ltd | Updated: Sep 27, 2016

"Kifu" is Egypt's famous incense. Its aroma can make the spirit of calm, and hypnotic effect, incense not only in the room burning, can also be used to make the body or clothing with pleasant aroma. In Egypt's heyday, almost everyone's body coated with sesame oil, smoked clothes with spices.

Arabs like musk, beard coated with musk, indoors burning musk.

Indians since ancient times in religious rituals and personal life is widely used by a variety of resin and incense made of incense.

Islam with white sandalwood, incense, benzoin, patchouli incense and other production.

Han Wudi (140-87 BC) China has begun to produce sticks of incense.

China's Tang Dynasty, the "Kaiyuan Spirit", Chang became the world's technology center. People's quality of life has been greatly improved, clothing, food, shelter, line all pay attention to enjoy, piano, chess, books, paintings become fashionable, eating culture, wine culture, tea culture, various cultures have developed , Incense has become art. Was incense, incense, yellow incense, horseshoe fragrance; again for the sandalwood, etc., can be seen at the time of perfume level of the superb commentary.