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A Brief Introduction To Incense

Xiamen Jin Zuoyou Buddha Co.Ltd | Updated: Sep 27, 2016

Incense from the custom of religious belief, the ancient people of all kinds of natural phenomena can not explain, feel mysterious, hoping to use ancestors or the power of the gods to avoid evil, food and clothing. So find the tools of dialogue with God. As people feel that God and the soul are erratic, nothing is vague, nature in addition to clouds, fog outside (cloudy wind around also became the minds of people living in the immortal) only smoke this feature, so the ancient people seem to find A way of contact with God, ancestors, this is incense. When the ancient Egyptians prayed to the sun god, the mouth recited "the power of cigarettes, please the lower bound of the gods," which is the same point with the Chinese point of incense and reverence.

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