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Why incense burning incense lighting

Xiamen Jin Zuoyou Buddha Co.Ltd | Updated: Sep 27, 2016

Candle is a sign of heart incense and heart light. Because the sentient beings and the Buddha are the same, the original has a heart incense and heart light, but was obscured by the dream stubborn. Now the Buddha Buddha, (system of fragrant plant) is to show the original incense exposed. Together, it is also a tribute to Buddha Bodhisattva.

So that only the key of a cone (sticks) to three cone, the candle can only have light, and some people do not understand the truth that the more incense points, the greater the candle, the more Jide good, Bodhisattva blessing. (Buddha factory) This is wrong will point the meaning of incense. And some local, in order to avoid the fire, even without incense, only a pious, but also the same can be supported by the Jide virtues.