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The way and meaning of incense

Xiamen Jin Zuoyou Buddha Co.Ltd | Updated: Sep 27, 2016

1, a fragrant general when very few people. Because one is the meaning of a method of normalization, so the disciples do not dare not on the line. Because if the Daoxing not enough to provoke Xianjia, waiting for the injured bar. And to provoke the right way are Xianjia. why? Because the immortal have such a rule: If the person on a fragrant, that he has Road, into an orthotopic, other Xianjia can come to this study, to verify his Daoxing enough deep to reach the requirements of God is. So few disciples, it can be said is almost no. We still do not on a fragrant, so as not to be hurt.

2,3 root incense is a standard way of Buddhist incense, on behalf of the conversion of Sambo, sincere practice, out of reincarnation, survival of the West. Taoist also on the three incense, on behalf of three clear or heaven and earth three methods.

3,4 root incense, mostly at home, practice disciples or disciples usually. At home on the practice of laying four pillars, the fourth column is Custodian of incense, there are some ancestors incense. The disciples on the four-incense, on behalf of willing to join with the conversion of Dharma Dharma, practice soaring.

4, 7 column 9 column is also the most disciples usually. 7 columns represent the Big Dipper. 9 column incense accounted for heaven and earth law, so most of the disciples are on the 9 columns. Buddhist monasticism of the lay, Taoist, also on the 9 column, three for a column, the meaning of the same as the three pillars.