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System of incense in some ways

Xiamen Jin Zuoyou Buddha Co.Ltd | Updated: Sep 27, 2016

Repair, system: First, to make the material pure, the second is to cut, broken destruction, that is, picking, picking, kneading, scraping, sieve, cool and cut, pound, grind, pound, frustration and other methods to remove impurities, Of the water, deterioration of the sector and other non-medicinal ingredients, and to meet the requirements of the size specifications. For example, ambergris need to remove one of the gravel, incense will have to clear the soil.

Steam: the use of water vapor or water heat incense; can be steamed, can also add accessories; steam the furnace, the number depending on the requirements. This method can make incense from the raw material cooked, but also conditioning herbs, separation of fragrant materials. Such as Benedict incense black and white miscellaneous, must separate single, the law is to porcelain Sheng Xiang into the cage steam, boiling about half an hour after the white floating on the black sink in the next, you can use points.

Cooking: boiled with water or feed, the main purpose is to adjust the potency, to its odor. Such as the system of a fragrant, that is required to use carbon juice to cook, the second with the mud to cook, and finally with good wine to cook. Or more than a few days later with the rice swill, and then rice boiled water, when the water to make yellow gas issue, cool and then artillery.