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Line incense and incense

Xiamen Jin Zuoyou Buddha Co.Ltd | Updated: Sep 27, 2016

Xiang Xiang, also known as incense sticks, core incense. It is made of bamboo, wood and other materials Xiangxin, Hong drug attached to the fragrant core, was linear. With bamboo stick for the core, often referred to as "bamboo sticks incense", "smelling incense." There are hand-stick incense incense incense, fragrant incense and fragrance and other mechanisms. Because the incense will not be wet because of deformation, so, in the wet and rainy south for people to use more. But because the middle of the bamboo sticks will affect the quality of fragrant products, so bamboo sticks incense is not suitable for incense.

Chinese ancients believe that Hong drug homologous, so the traditional incense production with traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist immortality process is very similar, to go through the choice of incense, concocting, fragrant side, compatibility, and materials, fragrant, cellar and other rigorous The elegant process. Each of which also contains numerous organs, can not neglect.