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Fragrance plant fire precautions! Safety first

Xiamen Jin Zuoyou Buddha Co.Ltd | Updated: Sep 27, 2016

1. Workshop fire hazard

The workshop has a lot of raw materials, semi-finished products, chemical materials, wood flour and other combustible materials, fire source easily caught fire; prone to fire; electrical equipment installation does not meet the requirements or careless use, lack of necessary maintenance, can cause fire ; Improper installation of heating equipment or the use of careless, easily lead to fire; due to violation of the work system casual smoking, can lead to fire.

2. Workshop fire protection requirements

(1) workshop can only be stored on duty materials. Finished products should be promptly transported away, spices should be cleaned every class, down in the designated location;

(2) before the operation of a variety of machinery, carefully check the electrical equipment is intact, bearing should always refuel, the plot of dust to clean in time;

(3) electrical equipment installation should meet the requirements. The electrical equipment in the workplace shall be sealed or explosion-proof, and no temporary wires shall be erected in the workshop.

(4) workshop shall not use open flame heating.

(5) not allowed to set up in the workshop office and the workplace;

(6) No inflammable materials such as gasoline, alcohol, paint and so on shall be stored in the workshop; the used oil cotton yarn and oil gloves shall not be stored in the workshop;

(7) workshop is strictly prohibited smoking and open flame operations, no one allowed to carry fire workshop;

(8) to work and work, clean up the site, the wood chips, sticky powder, etc. stacked to a safe location, and cut off the power, close the doors and windows lock the door.

(9) to actively participate in fire training, fire control knowledge.